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know. They just want to watch exciting “war shows.”
A show for men!
In addition, the uniformed policemen eating breakfast in the Wan Chai Police Station, the little white-collar workers typing on the keyboard in the glass building, the bosses drinking 南京夜生活论坛 Kung Fu tea in the community teahouse, the wanted criminals eating instant noodles in the shabby apartment, various identities, All kinds of people are staring at the TV, watching the “Police News” program with serious expressions.
They understand the deep-seated meaning of the exercise better. Everyone can figure out a different taste when looking at the exercise. This special issue of “Warning” without any publicity has brought more intense reactions than imagined, and it formed invisibly. A trend, focusing on the eyes of five million people in Hong Kong
Top floor meeting room.
“The ratings of “Police Training” reached 18.4%!”
At this moment, a female policewoman from the Public Relations Department reported.
You know, the exercise has not yet officially started, and only in the preparatory stage has 18.4% of the ratings. Based on the current TV ownership rate on Hong Kong 南京炮网 Island, one TV set can cover four to six citizens, and the data is slightly estimated to be the attention of more than 500,000 people.
This level of attention seems to be lower than that of a live broadcast room in 南京龙凤论坛 later generations, but with the effect of word of mouth, it means that it has radiated to one-third of the people in Hong Kong.
Wait until the drill officially starts?
The Chief of Police “Korea Li” sat in his seat with fine sweat on his palms.
He already had some doubts whether accepting Lu Minghua’s proposal and broadcasting the exercise live in “Police News” was the right decision.
And he is sure! Mr. Governor must also watch the police drills in the Governor’s Mansion! The pressure on him is too much!
Several deputy directors and assistant directors also looked at the “Korea Li” and waited for the director to issue a formal exerc