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his conversation will be pinched off, and you won’t remember it after you go back.”
A silver-flaming chess piece appeared in the palm of the Supreme Supreme, and a silver radiance suddenly appeared inside the Xianyuan protective cover.
In the blink of an eye, a girl in a white robe appeared in front of everyone.
Ethereal, silent, not playful, not approachable.
She said softly: “Moon chanter, listen to the prayer of the
moon, and bestow miracle blessings.” Moon god, moon chanter!
And it is 南京品茶网 not the Moon Chanter who is still digesting the divine power in 2019, but the true God who is completely digesting the divine power thirty years later!
Yue Yongzhe glanced at Ren Zuo, Ren Zuo felt that his whole body became transparent, and she looked through it. However, Yue Yongzhe did not chat, but stood silently and looked at the stars in the distance.
However, the seeker leaned over and hooked up with Yueyong, chatting quietly. The moon chant neither refuses nor caters, and listens quietly to the seeker.
Ren Zuo raised his ears and used the listening spell to eavesdrop, but the next moment his ears were pierced by the piercing sound of his nails scratching the blackboard, it shook his whole body numb.
Supreme Supreme said: “The first warning, the second eardrum piercing, and the third explosion of the head, let alone the deity did not tell you.”
Ren Zuo asked: “How did you know?”
Supreme Supreme seemed to be too lazy to care about him. , Spread the right hand again.
But this time, what appeared in the palm of Supreme Supreme was not a chess piece, but a box of chess pieces!
Numerous ripples appeared in the void, and Ren Zuo watched 南京水磨会所 in amazement as a soldier wearing a full-cover fantasy armor and armed with an energy weapon appeared from the space door.
After a while, the field of vision was densely packed with war armor soldiers, as vast as a sea of ??smoke, dense as a swarm of bees!
The soldiers quickly integrated and divided into ten formations on the side of the monk corps.