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tags, but has to choose a character tag for Luna that is easy to play, has a high fault tolerance, and can be rounded up in a battle.
However, the most important thing now is of course. Help Luna solve the identity problem.
After waking up from the Simmons bed, Luna in her silk pajamas sat up and lifted the quilt.
She left the magnificent bedroom, stepped on the wool carpet, walked barefoot to the living room, opened the refrigerator, and poured herself a glass of lemonade 南京桑拿会所 that could only quench her thirst without gaining attributes.
She walked to the window and glanced at the last quarter moon waning gibbous moon in the sky, looking down at the colorful moon night market from the fifty-story tall building.
Luna, no father, no mother, no lover, no job, lives in a high-rise mansion and lives 南京龙凤网 carefree every day. She is usually a volunteer who is enthusiastic about charity and hobby picking up trash. Her dream is to become an environmental king. It is recognized and loved by countless citizens of Moon Night Market.
The reason why she was able to get to this point did not rely on her parents or friends.
It was all made up by Ren Suo alone.
Chapter 540 I want to give birth to a child
anyway “Environmental King (0/500): After the perfect play, you can get 120 dream shares, and all magic powers are increased by 5%.”
Ren Suo found that the character tag gave Experience points, dream share and other rewards are closely related to the difficulty of playing this character tag.
Although the environmental protection king looks like an upgraded version of the power of sanitation workers, in fact, the dream share required for this 南京桑拿论坛 label accident is not low-this mansion needs 1,000 dream share, and the environmental protection king needs 900 shares.
You know, the mansion that Ren Suo spotted was in the super rich area. Even the people from the League of Legends could not break in. It should be located in the city center of Moon Night Market-until now Ren Suo hasn’t seen it. On the edge of the