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my next words will make you feel unbelievable, but the severity of the situation is obvious to all. I hope that all of us can seriously think about more possibilities.
“In view of the current situation, Megoll III will proceed with me under the crown. After deliberation, we have a bold plan–”
Gawain raised his head subconsciously, and looked at Selena Geerfen’s direction with the other archbishops.
“Perhaps, we should seek 南京桑拿会所 cooperation from wanderers outside the territory. Selena said calmly. The
hall was suddenly so quiet that needles fell.
Gawain: “? ”
Daniel:”? “The
next moment, the buzzing discussion sounded suddenly, and the whole hall seemed to instantly turn into a boiling pot of soup. When a name that the Eternal Sleeper Group regarded as a “large-scale neutral BOSS in the wild” appeared in this special meeting place, Even the archbishops of the Dark Sect were unable to restrain themselves in shock and confusion.
At this moment, Selena’s voice sounded again, quieting the scene quickly: “Quiet, everyone, please listen to me-this is not Whimsical, but serious conception.
“Through continuous observation and analysis of wanderers outside the territory, we should have a certain understanding of the existence of this indescribable. Various characteristics show that although he has shown extremely high danger and various aspects in the process of wandering in many worlds. This is a weird method, but in a particular journey, he has relatively definite rules of conduct—according to the summary of the memory fragments by the “Extra-territorial Wanderer Analysis Group” and 南京419论坛 observations of the Cecil area, the out-of-territorial wanderer always The next coming to this world will have a specific goal, and all of its actions will revolve around this goal, and in our world, his goal is to build a new order.
“According to the current various new policies of the Cecil Empire, according to him With regard to the details of the religious reforms implemented, we can be sure that there sh