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le judgment, Gawain felt that following Betty’s footsteps was the only breakthrough point.
But before leaving the scene, he looked back a little worriedly. Heidi, Rebecca and others still stood there as “porcelain dolls”. Their bodies were resisting the mist of resentful spirits in the real world. Invasion, but in the shadow of the shadow world, they were still at the moment of the attack, and the black mist that permeated from the ground was constantly disintegrating them.
Fortunately, judging by the speed of the mist erosion, they still have a while.
“Perhaps this is the true state of the Wraith Mist,” Amber also glanced at Gawain’s line of sight, shook his head 南京桑拿论坛 and said, “If our discovery is sold to the Secret Magic Society or the Association of Astrology Masters, how much would you say is worth it?
” They will pour you a bunch of potions and tie a record spar on your head. The last exile will throw you into the shadow world as a human detective.” Gao Wen gave Amber a white look, “Come on, business matters. ”
amber side with the high side behind the text is still obsessed with complaining:”? it allows you to come forward, ah, how you say it is Anso founding ancestors, their ancestors but also to pour syrup is not ” ”
do you think it ??” Gao Wen twitched, “They are happy to hang me on the wall, write on the book, and offer it on the table. Even the king is willing to bring the whole family and the youngest to give me a bouquet and take three days off every year. There is no risk and you can earn a good reputation, but if this old ancestor really popped out of the coffin, the first reaction of the group of people who offered me on the table before would be to push me back into the coffin and then go in all directions. He nailed more than two hundred nails, and it is estimated that he will have to pour lead.”
Amber was 南京夜生活论坛 stunned: “Why?!”
Gawain glanced at this unwitting half-elf, and threw it back angrily: “Because the three The day of sweeping the tomb is gone!”
After saying this,