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to go straight into the soil.
Chapter 1673: The Despicable Shamelessness
In another place, General Crow watched the surroundings vigilantly, and his surroundings were misty. He rolled his eyes and suddenly turned into a black crow, flapping wings and flying upward, but no matter how it flew, there was mist around him.
The crow knew now that this big formation was not only foggy, but also trapped the enemy’s magic formation.
Jiang Hao arranged for a day and a night, and if he just sprayed a little water mist, then he would look down on this formation too much.
The crow had no choice but to fall, but he found that as long as he flew down, he would return to the ground in an instant, indicating that he was not flying high, and he might even just spin in place.
Then fly 南京桑拿论坛 away.
The crow flew straight forward, but after flying for a long time, he still didn’t fly out. The front, back, left, and right were all in the mist. He finally gave up and turned into a human shape, hoping that the centipede demon king could break this damn formation.
At this moment, suddenly feeling something different behind him, he turned around abruptly.
“It’s you, Xiongming?!” The
crow asked in surprise.
The tall Xiongming walked out of the fog, wearing a armor that looked like a warrior’s battle armor, holding a silver spear in his hand, and the tip of the spear was shining with silver light. Standing a few meters away from the crow, he watched arrogantly. he.
“Crow, I didn’t expect to meet you. It’s a coincidence. Ten years ago, you brought a bunch of men to chase and kill me. I didn’t expect to meet here today.” Xiongming looked at Crow and said solemnly.
The crow’s eyes flashed cold, “How about you encounter, meet again, you are still my defeated man, you are still the one who fled.”
“If you didn’t have a group of helpers that day, I would lose to you, Crow, Mo Be nonsense, today I will not bully you with a formation, dare to fight 南京龙凤网 me upright!” Xiongming shouted firmly.
Crow know, i