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s for a while to understand the specific principles of this interface. “Pittman has no support in this field involving professionalism and risk. Da, said honestly, 南京419论坛 “Now I just found a little way to use it, and connected it to the ancient magical array of Druids. ”
Pittman said, stroked his beard, with a smile on his face: “Strictly speaking, what I did on the Druid Magic Circle is the opposite of what the Magisters of the Gondor Empire did. They drew power from the magic, but since the druid magic has long failed, its magic circle can no longer release energy, so I reversed this process and used magic power to charge the magic circle. Can’, so that the latter can work. Of course, there is a certain degree of loss in this process, but the loss is not too great. With the support of the new honeycomb magic net, the energy loss caused by this reverse transformation is completely acceptable. ”
The old druid raised his hand and pointed to a corner of the device on the alchemy stand: “You should have noticed that it has a port connected to the magic net here, so just connect it to the magic net. Through, the power of the magic net will be converted into the energy of the magical array through this “divine power inverter array” on the alchemy platform, thereby catalyzing the potions in the two containers, as if an ancient druid 南京炮网 priest is facing They cast spells, turning the ordinary herbal juice in the container into a magic potion.”
After the explanation, the old druid exhaled and turned to Gawain: “My lord, this is the way I found mass production.”
First Chapter One Hundred and Ninety Eight Technical Heights
The principle described by Pittman is actually not complicated. The connection between the magical circle and the magic circle is actually a process of “frequency conversion compatibility” in Gawain’s understanding.
Although the two structures are different, the rune system and the effective mechanism are also different, but the magic circle and the magic circle are essentially a syste